Infinity Renewable Energy

Your energy. Your choice.

The Infinity Renewable Energy program allows consumers to decide how much of the electricity they purchase is generated by renewable resources. The program was originally started in 2002 to support the development of the first two commercial-scale wind turbines in North Dakota. The sustained success of those turbines, located near the towns of Petersburg and Valley City, jump-started efforts to harness the state's abundant wind energy potential.

By enrolling in the Infinity Renewable Energy program, cooperative members can choose a designated number of kilowatt-hours or percentage of electricity used that they would like to be derived from renewable resources. While it is not possible to direct where electrons are specifically delivered on the electric grid, it is possible to ensure that the renewable energy purchased is from a resource connected to the Minnkota/NMPA transmission system. The record of that purchase and the proof that it was reserved for a specific consumer is done through a renewable energy credit.

Members interested in learning more about the Infinity Renewable Energy program may contact our office at 218-463-1543 or 888-847-8840. There is no contract required; simply tell us how much of your energy (up to 100%) you would like to come from renewable wind energy.

Infinity Renewable Energy is available at two levels:
  • You may purchase in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks (100 kWh). For each (100 kWh) block you purchase, there is an additional charge of $0.50 on your bill for renewable wind energy.
  • You may select the 100% option, and pay an additional $0.005 per kWh on your bill for renewable wind energy.
Example: If you use 1,500 kWh per month, it would cost an additional $7.50/month for 100% renewable wind energy!
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