Home Energy Assessment

Roseau Electric Cooperative is your contact for certified energy experts.

Roseau Electric Cooperative is your contact for certified energy experts with experience in providing a wide variety of energy management solutions for commercial and residential applications. A home energy assessment and analysis is often the first step in making your home more efficient. It helps you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluates what measures you can take to improve efficiency.

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A Benefit of Co-op Membership

Roseau Electric Cooperative offers a home energy review which includes a walk-through assessment and analysis of your home or business. Our energy experts can help identify savings opportunities, recommend customized solutions and provide assistance in implementing energy efficiency improvements.

This service is available to cooperative members at no additional charge. Our energy experts will meet you at your home or business for your scheduled appointment. This energy assessment will assist you with decisions about energy improvements, such as new heating or cooling equipment, weatherization or new appliances.

Contact us today at 218-463-1543 or 888-847-8840 to learn more or schedule an appointment. (Availability is limited to staffing and scheduling.)

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building a new home?
One of the many decisions you will make when building your new home includes your heating system. It’s easy to budget your mortgage, but it can be difficult to predict what your utility costs will be. Let your cooperative help you.
  • Bring your detailed plans to Roseau Electric and let our energy experts complete a comprehensive heat loss calculation of your new home.
  • We will assist you by providing options for different heating systems to help you save money on your heating bills.
  • Receive an annual estimate of what it will cost to heat your home based on various systems and fuel types.
  • We will work with you to take advantage of all available rebates as well.
Kill-a-watt monitor
kill-a-watt monitor
Do you ever wonder how much electricity that old refrigerator in your garage consumes? Or the plug-in electric space heater you are using? You might be surprised how the cost of appliances and gadgets found in our homes can add up on an energy bill each month. A Kill-A-Watt monitor is a great way for members to see how much energy an appliance is consuming in their homes. Roseau Electric members can check out a Kill-A-Watt monitor at our office at no charge to find out how little changes can add up to great savings. Stop in or contact us today to learn more!

A good heating system should combine comfort and value to keep your heating costs low and your new home warm. Contact our Member Services department at 218-463-1543 or 888-847-8840 to learn more!