Electrical Safety

Nobody makes electrical safety more of a priority than those who rely upon it every single day.

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Many of Roseau Electric’s power lines are buried underground, and an underground power line can be just as dangerous as an overhead power line. Protect yourself and your property by contacting Gopher State One Call before digging.
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safety tips
Indoor and outdoor safety is important to keep you and your family safe at all times! Roseau Electric has partnered with Safe Electricity, a multi-media public awareness program that provides electrical safety information to consumers and educators.
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Standby generator outside home
generator safety
The safety of you, our members, and our employees is a top priority at Roseau Electric Cooperative, especially during outages. Learn how to safely use a portable generator or standby generator safely during a power outage.
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Plugging cord into a wall outlet
surge protection
A power surge is a quick and sudden increase of voltage that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Surge suppression equipment protects your electronic devices and appliances from potential power surges caused by lightning to power lines and utility poles from fallen branches or a car accident.
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Clear right of way for vegetation management
vegetation management
For efficient and safe operation of equipment and power lines, the clearing of trees and brush in right of ways is essential. Branches that come in contact with power lines can be potential fire hazards, trigger power outages and endanger lives. Learn more about Roseau Electric Cooperative's Vegetation Management program.
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Electrical inspector
electrical inspections
Any time you or an electrician performs wiring or other electrical work at your home, farm or business, Minnesota state law requires a state electrical inspector conducts a proper inspection of the work. The state of Minnesota has high wiring standards, which are in the best interest of you, your family and your employees.
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Safe Electricity

We want all the best for the people in our lives - our family, friends, community and others. That includes you, our member-owners. It's why we make safety a top priority at Roseau Electric and devote time and energy to make everyone aware of important safety tips and equipment.
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Power line work in winter